Thursday, August 26, 2010


Hello everyone. Been a strange week. I only worked one day. It feels weird to finally be able to be at home and get things done. The children love me being home though. I do get more time to do homework, and am not so restless when I do it. I had a great day with my sisters yesterday. Even though my father is gone we still decided to have a get together for his birthday. He was the greatest Dad, grandfather, uncle, friend, ever. I always have someone telling me how much they love and miss him, or that he was the best friend they ever had, he was their favorite uncle, or something. He was a true believer that every child is a pure blessing from God no matter how sweet or mean they were. They were all nothing but precious to him. We had to hide just to punish our children. lol. I got so caught up in getting to be with my sisters yesterday and talking about Dad, that I completely forgot to go to my class seminar. I realized it about 15 min before the seminar was over. I don't like missing a seminar. I hope I didn't miss anything that was important, but I guess it was all for the good of seeing family and remembering Dad. I would be more than happy to let someone do my Option 2 seminar for me though. lol.

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