Saturday, August 14, 2010

Trying to stay focused and positive!

Got both children enrolled in school (mine and boyfriends). The children loved the first week. I was really worried about Dalton, being that he had not been to the school before. Cameron, on the other hand, thinks she owns the place. I knew I didn't need to worry about her feeling okay on the first day. They both came home so excited. That helped a lot with my worries. But now my boyfriends ex came to get Dalton for her visitation and we are really worried that she may not return him to school. We never want to deny him of his mother but are always concerned when he stays with her, because we can't ever seem to find him. She gets rid of him within an hour of receiving him almost every time. We never know where he is or who he is with. There is a court case Thursday for potential full custody. Hopefully all goes well for us.


  1. Wow Jamie. It takes a real good person to help raise someone else's child. I wish you much luck with this. All I can say is to remember to be fair with yours and his. I think you just need to pray that she comes to her senses and make the best decisions for the child. I hope that the court sees that the child is placed in a safe and loving environment.

  2. Hey Jamie I kind of know what you are going through when I was married my x-husband had another child . The boys mother moved all the time , so we never knew where he was. I left his dad and I really think either of them need the boy , but I know as a mom I wouldn't want anyone to take my son and I don't see how some women give their kids up .I know some women who don't have any thing to do with their kids . I think it's a shame that some people do their kids that way. I hope the court will let you and your boyfriend keep the child . Good luck .

  3. Thanks you all. Things didn't go as we expected, but Dalton's mother was put under strict orders in which we all doubt she will follow. The judge told her if he finds her making one more mistake, he is done with her and we will have full custody. It the mean time we are still very concerned about his safety every second he is away. A few weeks ago she had went so overboard, she didn't know her name or where she lived, so someone that knew of her threw her in the back of their truck and dropped her off at her parents house. Then they called us to let us know we needed to find Dalton and check on him. I am so tired of this, and somehow she keeps getting away with it. Now our big concern is that her boyfried is getting out of prison. He tried to run over 3 offices with Dalton in the vehicle with hime. He is to never bbe around Dalton again. We bet this will be the first court order she breaks, but we have no way to prove it unless someone else see's it and gets a picture or something. We are three hours away from him when he is with her.