Thursday, August 26, 2010


Hello everyone. Been a strange week. I only worked one day. It feels weird to finally be able to be at home and get things done. The children love me being home though. I do get more time to do homework, and am not so restless when I do it. I had a great day with my sisters yesterday. Even though my father is gone we still decided to have a get together for his birthday. He was the greatest Dad, grandfather, uncle, friend, ever. I always have someone telling me how much they love and miss him, or that he was the best friend they ever had, he was their favorite uncle, or something. He was a true believer that every child is a pure blessing from God no matter how sweet or mean they were. They were all nothing but precious to him. We had to hide just to punish our children. lol. I got so caught up in getting to be with my sisters yesterday and talking about Dad, that I completely forgot to go to my class seminar. I realized it about 15 min before the seminar was over. I don't like missing a seminar. I hope I didn't miss anything that was important, but I guess it was all for the good of seeing family and remembering Dad. I would be more than happy to let someone do my Option 2 seminar for me though. lol.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

I apologize for all of my misspelling in my post. Like I said, lack of sleep and time is making me almost completely malfunctional. I apologize to me daughter everyday for living in the same house and not getting to see her. She is becoming so sensitive because of this and I hate seeing her this way.

Spinning in circles

This week has officially made me crazy I think. Every single time I have set down to do homework something has come up and I have had to quit. So now hear I am on a flipoping Saturday and have to do all weeks work in 2 days because I do not have time to do it on the days I work. It is so frustrating trying to better yourself for you and your childs sake. I don't have time to go to school full time, but can't go part time because financial aid won't cover part time, but I have to work full time and then some, so I don't know what to do. I don't know how to keep up on school full time while working full time, because I do have to pay bills, and the schooling, but neither will give any room to help out. Going on two and three hours of sleep and expected to make good grades and get in all work on time, and do me job, and if I'm caught sleepy on the job it is write up. I need the military to turn me into freaking super woman or something. They need  to make me not able to need sleep. I'm starting to act like an angry, restless two year old, but I can't take a just nap and get over it. I'm not allowed to sleep because I have to work, school, work, school, work, school, and am so malfunctional at both do to LACK OF SLEEP!!! Two and three hours don't get it.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Trying to stay focused and positive!

Got both children enrolled in school (mine and boyfriends). The children loved the first week. I was really worried about Dalton, being that he had not been to the school before. Cameron, on the other hand, thinks she owns the place. I knew I didn't need to worry about her feeling okay on the first day. They both came home so excited. That helped a lot with my worries. But now my boyfriends ex came to get Dalton for her visitation and we are really worried that she may not return him to school. We never want to deny him of his mother but are always concerned when he stays with her, because we can't ever seem to find him. She gets rid of him within an hour of receiving him almost every time. We never know where he is or who he is with. There is a court case Thursday for potential full custody. Hopefully all goes well for us.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hey I am new to this blogging stuff, but is required for school. Have no idea if I did it right, but here it is. This was actully my first blog entry, but it showed up as a draft, so I realized I had not posted it, so here it is, out of order. me.

Wow, what a day!

I have worked so much overtime this week, had hardly no time for school work, and now have all of the family mad at me cause I only have two days to do homeworks for two classes. They are mad cause they don't get that I have a school schedule just like an oncampus class. Apparently I don't spend enough time with the family. They said maybe I should only go part-time or take a term off, but I can seem to get them to understand that I would not be able to get financial aid if I did. I have to just do what I can with school in the very little time I have and hope it is good enough. That is ALL I can do, that I can think of. I have to work, and I have to finish school, and I have to take care of the children with no help, and I have no time and no help. My family seems so selfish and stubborn. They seem as if they don't understand, but it is just that they want things their way, no matter what the situation. Why can't I win the lottery?! Guess it would help if I could even afford to play.