Thursday, September 2, 2010

Really don't feel like blogging, but

I am only blogging because it's our assignment. I am so aggrivated, I would just rather say nothing and set in silence for a few days. This week has been horrible. So many things have gone wrong in the past few months, but I just kept holding my head up and, 'kept on keeping on.' I just don't know how much more I can handle though. I'm tired of always having to be the strong one and hold everything together in order to keep everyone and everyday together. Can I please pass this responsibility off to someone else for one day, and let me be the weak one? I'm in seriouse need of a break. I know it has been a good 14 years since I've just been away from it all. I feel like just running...Forest Gump stlye. Although exhausted, he must have had real peace when he wasn't being followed.


  1. I have to say that I completely understand how you feel it doesn't feel great to always have to be the strong one and take all the responsibilties on. I've been there and doing that now and it does get very tiring and stressful. I hope that someone gives you a break because you sound like you really need it. Keep your head up and keep pushing through if your the one who has to take on all the responsibilities and be the strong one maybe it's because your the only one capable of doing so. Keep your head up things will get better.


  2. Jamie - hopefully today is better.

  3. Thank you Tarah and Barb. You two are sweet. Hopefully we will all get a little break in a few weeks.