Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thurs 9/9/2010 Bog entry for College Comp. II

Hello everyone. How are you. I am okay. I am also really busy. I have to help my sister move. I have to help my cousin out because his house burned down. I have to go three or so hours away to get a house worth of stuff out of storage. My other sister just told me she is moving too, so I guess she needs help also. Have to help plan a yard sell for the annual Apple Festival. Ex-inlaws are coming in to see my daughter, so I have to get her ready to stay with them for a few days. And, I also have tons of homework in my other class. This one isn't so bad. And now that I have this assignment finished, I have to get moving on to another task. Have a great week everyone and good luck with your papers.

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