Thursday, September 30, 2010

The last week of class.

Professor, you were awesome, but I still have to say 'Yay,' to the last week of class. I hope the week off just doesn't go by so fast. I have learned a lot in your class. I am not the worst writer in the world. Everyone else has flaws just like I do. As far as the paramedic method of editing; I believe you taught almost all of the class something we had never heard of. I did find it useful. The peers in this class were so easy going and always full of good words, advice, laughter, and cheer. This is definitely one of the best classes I have been in. This is coming from a person who could care less to be in any classes. I'm not the 'suck up,' that pretends to like every class, hoping to get a better grade by earning brownie points. I'm glad I am not a teacher. I would have to set those ones straight from the beginning. That would annoy me so much. So...I am glad I could be part of this class and participate in the seminars with everyone. We had many laughs and great discussions. They were all insightful in one way or the other. It was very open, and we were still able to get our work done. I really believe students actually make better grades, when the class is more open. It gives them more confidence and the 'I can,' attitude. The students are more likely to get their homework done when they are able to enjoy the class rather than dread every part of it. I hope your next class of students enjoy you and each other as much as this class was able to.

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  1. Jamie - I'll just take the awesome. I understand the Yay completely!!